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Wrexham fans won’t boycott this month’s Deva Stadium derby against rivals Chester City, according to the Supporters’ Trust.

Supporters’ group City Fans United are boycotting all Chester’s home games for the rest of the season, and are asking visiting teams’ fans to do the same.

The move is in protest against the club’s owner Stephen Vaughan Jr and the current regime.

City Fans United were also last night discussing going through a process of due diligence with a view to possibly launching a takeover of the club.

Chester’s players haven’t been paid for nearly three months, while the club faces a High Court date in march to avoid a winding-up petition.

With players leaving to join other clubs, Chester have been forced to play a number of youngsters.

They are still 20 points adrift at the bottom of the Blue Square Premier table after beginning the season with a 25-point deduction following the club going into administration last summer.

Haydn Jones of Wrexham Supporters’ Trust (WST) says Dragons fans have sympathy with the plight of their rivals.

However, he says the Trust won’t advocate boycotting the February 14 Blue Square Premier clash, and expects fans to attend the match as Dean Saunders’ side try to turn around their own ailing campaign.

Jones said: “We will be boycotting all Chester games – except the ones where Chester play Wrexham.

“We have huge sympathy with what’s going on at Chester and we hope they come out of it so we can keep our fixtures going some time in the future.

“It’s a match to look forward to, and I’m guessing people will still want to watch the match against their local rivals.”

With Chester so far behind at the bottom of the table, Jones says Wrexham fans will also be making the most of what could be their last chance to attend the cross-border derby.

He said: “Looking at the Blue Square Premier league table, it could be the last time we play them for some time.”

Jones acknowledges, however, that many Chester fans were supportive when Wrexham had off-field problems, including going into administration in 2004.

“When we had our troubles some Chester supporters were very supportive of us and we wish them all the best,” he said.

Some Wrexham fans have been sympathetic towards the idea of boycotting the derby, however, according to Jeff Banks of City Fans United.

Banks said: “We’d like support from all kinds of fans, not just Wrexham.

“Chester v Wrexham is a huge derby game, but this season it doesn’t feel like a derby because it doesn’t feel like a proper Chester team.”

He added: “Chester fans supported Wrexham when they had their problems, and we’ve had goodwill messages from Wrexham fans.

“Nothing would please us more than to see Wrexham fans boycott the game – Wrexham fans may want to put their own team first and we can understand that, but it would be nice to see them show solidarity with us.”

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Chester City’s Anthony Barry finally confirmed his transfer to Blue Square Premier rivals Wrexham on Friday afternoon.  Delayed by a day due to the inclement weather, Barry passed a medical and signed a deal that will keep him at the Racecourse until the summer of 2011.

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Chester City have today been handed a lifeline in their bid for survival in the Blue Sqaure Premier League.  League rivals  Salisbury City are to be hit with a 10-point deduction after they entered administration. That means they will slide to second from bottom in the standings, one place above Chester, giving Chester a massing boost of survival should they overhaul the massing 25 points deduction imposed on them.

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Because it is so critical to today’s discussions between the BSP (Conference) and the FA I thought we should look again at BSP Rule 2.7 for information. Somebody on the Deva Chat messageboard previously observed that because HMRC had obtained a rejection of the CVA, it was thought that Chester City could not comply with these Rules.


“2.7 In the event that any Club which is an unincorporated association resolves to transfer its membership of the Competition to a company or in the event that a Club which is a company resolves to transfer its membership to a different company the Board will use the following minimum criteria in deciding whether to approve that transfer:

2.7.1 The shareholders or members of the Club have voted to agree the transfer of the Club’s membership to the new entity

2.7.2 All Football Creditors in the Club must be satisfied in full or transferred (with the creditors’ consent) to the new entity, and evidenced as such.

2.7.3 All other creditors in the Club must be satisfied and evidenced as such.

2.7.4 The proposed new entity has provided financial forecasts showing its ability to fund the Club for the next 12 months or to the end of the Playing Season following transfer (whichever is the longer) and that evidence of funding sources has been provided.

2.7.5 The FA has given approval for the transfer to take place.”

But going further on we now have the votes from last weekend of 23 BSP (Conference) clubs and all voting in favour of Chester City being allowed to play this season. Someone also observed that that was probably because of the lost income from not playing against Chester City if we were refused a license and it was also reckoned that this was about £25,000 each! That was estimated at 2000 fans x £10 – plus £5,000 sponsorship. Putting that another way: £25,000 x 23 clubs is a total of about £575,000 of combined income that would be lost to these BSP clubs.

So my assumption would be that this amount of money will be a factor in our favour in spite of these Rules in 2.7.

However, as has been stated elsewhere, there are also other considerations that have nothing whatsoever to do with Chester City per se, where the standing and perception of both the BSP and the FA are also at stake. So far the BSP has backed off and bowed to the greater importance of the FA and has done as the FA has instructed. My guess is that this relationship will continue to stand that way. But will they create history and prevent Chester City from playing football this season?

But whether all this will work against us or for remains to be seen. After all we are not so little and unimportant a club as some people seem to think. We have been around for 125 years and that is quite some achievement that can not easily be set aside and just discounted as unimportant. History and heritage IS important.

Let us hope that today they can find a solution to their problems (and of course the important Rules too!) that enables us to continue and to have football in Chester and at the Deva and starting this Saturday.

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