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Another Thursday, another date with destiny.

As the protracted game of brinkmanship between the Vaughan Family Football Club and the Football authorities continues, the game seems like it is heading for a conclusion.

Much like a game of chess where the opponent still has all his pieces on the board the Vaughan family are being pursued by creditors and the authorities until that final piece in the Vaughan chess set is backed into a corner from where it can not escape.

Today the club will answer five charges of breaking Conference rules,

Rule 2.12
Failing to declare the officers of the club and file the fit & proper person’s declaration for those club officials……….CHECK

Rule 4.8
Failure to attend to competition business…………CHECK

Rule 8.6
Failure to fulfil two fixtures against Forest Green Rovers and Wrexham AFC………….CHECK

Rule 11
Failure to pay Football Creditors as they fall due……….CHECK

Bringing the Competition into disrepute………..CHECK

There is no doubt in my mind that the Vaughan family delegation headed by Stephen junior and assisted by Gray and Metcalf will try to paint a picture that does not mirror the devastation that our once proud club has become. No doubt the financial picture painted will not mention the Vaughan loans, as they only seem to come into play when a credible buyer takes an interest. We know that the Conference yet again have contacted their membership to gauge their reactions to the expulsion of the club. It may be a case of dotting I’s and crossing T’s but that is a pointless exercise as most will vote in the way that favours their individual clubs and not in the best interests of the competition.

When Vaughan junior appears today before the Conference it should come down to a simple question,

Can you guarantee that the club can complete its fixtures this season?

We know, the football world know that they can not guarantee being able to fund the coach to Histon on Saturday or guarantee that any players will be on it as both those creditors still remain unpaid…………….. CHECK MATE

With mercy killing a topical subject at present, we the fans stand over the patient’s bed and hope that those who have the power use it wisely and do not let this farce continue.

If the Conference sanctions expulsion today we should never forgive and never forget the actions of those who have the blood of this club on its hands.

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Former Chester City Chief Executive Bob Gray revealed how many people paid to go through the turnstyles at Chester City’s Blue Square Premier clash against Salisbury City at the Deva Stadium on Tuesday night.

A record low attendance of 425 made it through the turnstyles, but with an estimated 200 to 250 season ticket holders, plus free admission granted to the likes of the local media and press reporters, player’s relatives and friends of club staff, the actual number of paying punters was put at 192.

This, probably an all time low EVER since Chester City were established in 1885, was releaved in a Bob Gray interview made by BBC Radio Merseyside correspondent Neil Turner.

With an official boycott now on the cards, the question is… how low will Chester City’s home attendances go?

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The Football Conference were forced to postpone yesterday’s scheduled meeting at Hinckley United after several ‘senior, decision-making officers’ from Chester City FC, asked by the Conference to attend, failed to turn up!

Dennis Strudwick, the Conference general manager, “The club only sent one representative and he did not fit the criteria we set out.  As a result we were unable to have the meeting with the club and have left the matter on the agenda for a leter date.  It is important we meet with the club as soon as possible to see where they are going.”

Only former chief executive Bob Gray showed up with no representation made from the club owners or the current postholder of Director of Football.  Perhaps the expenses we’re a bit too much to compensate for a treck into the East Midlands!

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Bob Gray has told the Sunday’s Non-League Paper that he hasn’t resigned from his post as managing Director following last weeks board meeting. Blues Mad shakes it’s head with sorrow.

He said: “Morrell Maison and his colleagues have met all the staff at the football club and put forward their goals and objectives to save the club.

“They’ve got some very good ideas and they are going to look for investment in the community. We need to stop the backbiting and get behind them.

“Unless someone comes in and offers Stephen Vaughan the money he wants and deserves for the club (ha ha ha ha ha), we’ve got to give Morrell a good go – or we won’t have a club.

“I intend to stay put to make sure the transitional period with the new poeple goes smoothly (spot the joke here), but if they don’t want me to stay involved I’ll walk away.

“Chester are not down yet and I feel we have to remain positive until it is mathematically impossible for Chester to survive.”

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The latest episode of the Chester City Soap Opera kicked in earlier this afternoon when it was announced by the Blues that controversial former Halesowen Town owner and manager Morell Maison is now in full charge at Chester City Football Club.

A club statement, that was released at ten to four earlier this afternoon, also confirmed that chairman Ian Anderson and managing director Bob Gray have stepped down from their positions.

The full statement reads:

“Following today’s meeting at the Deva Stadium hosted by the board of directors with all non-playing staff in attendance, the following was announced – Ian Anderson has stepped down as chairman, Bob Gray has stepped down as managing director and resigned his position as a company director.

“Morell Maison assumes responsibility for the running of the football club with immediate effect. This will entail taking an option over the Vaughan family ownership.

“Further information will be available shortly regarding new investment into the club and a new board of directors.”

Maison enjoyed a successful spell in charge of Kettering Town, working alongside director of football Ron Atkinson, before resurfacing at Halesowen, where he was banned from football for three months after a post-match altercation with one of his own players.

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Chester City’s playing staff are still yet to be paid according to media reports in the sunday press.  The Blues managing director Bob Gray is quoted as confirming, “Irrespective of what has been said and written, our players returned to training on friday, its not resolved, we have still got to pay the wages. We are sourcing how to do that, but they will get
“We are talking all the time and have been in constant dialogue all week. What the papers and radio and other media say is different to what actually goes on at the club.
Gray, meanwhile confirmed talks with potential new owners will take place tomorrow. “We are sitting down with somebody interested, so we are working hard to make it happen. It needs to happen” he added.

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Protesting Chester City supporters who caused yesterday’s Blue Square Premier clash with Eastbourne Borough to be abandoned are being treated with a degree of sympathy by sources close to the club.

Managing director Bob Gray says he is “totally upset” by the way event unfolded, the Chester Chronicle is reporting.

He says:”“The police said it (the decision to abandon the game) was made in the best interest at the time, and certainly not our decision. There are loyal supporters who vent their anger in better ways than we have seen here today. “But we are sympathetic, we don’t hold grudges. We understand their frustrations and why the demonstration has taken place but, next week, give them a slap on the wrist and don’t do it again.”

But offical supporters club stalwart Barrie Hipkiss is taking a harder line against the demonstrators. He says: ““I know they’ve got frustrations, but the way they’ve let it out doesn’t help the club at all, because now I can see us having a hefty fine, and what the league will think on this now with the meeting coming up, it does concern me. “The club desperately needs stability on and off the field and until we achieve that I can’t see us going anywhere.”

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