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According to an article in the Daily Telegraph on Friday, Chester City’s long suffering players were paid their wages of between £400 and £600 in Scottish notes.   However they only received one weeks salary despite being owed somewhat more – as much as nine weeks in some cases.

Would you continue to work for your employer if you’d not been paid for nine weeks?

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A fit and proper person (or persons), and a minimum of £500,001 in cash, are two of the requirements to take over Chester City Football Club according to a leaked solicitors letter that has appeared on internet chat forums earlier today. 

Presumably scottish notes will be acceptable.

The email reads as follow’s…

“Thank you for your email.

Prior to the release of any further information regarding Chester City Football Club, I need the following/confirmation of the following:

1. Proof of funding of a minimum of £500,000 cash, to both satisfy club creditors and to fund the club going forward;
2. The identity of the consortium/company behind the purchase of the club to satisfy the ‘fit and proper person test’ imposed by the league;
3. A commitment to pay the club’s legal fees; and
4. A commitment to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The club is prepared to allow a potential purchaser 4 weeks to complete their due diligence.

Kind regards,

Brabners Chaffe Street, 55 King Street, Manchester M2 4LQ”.

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Former Chester City Chief Executive Bob Gray revealed how many people paid to go through the turnstyles at Chester City’s Blue Square Premier clash against Salisbury City at the Deva Stadium on Tuesday night.

A record low attendance of 425 made it through the turnstyles, but with an estimated 200 to 250 season ticket holders, plus free admission granted to the likes of the local media and press reporters, player’s relatives and friends of club staff, the actual number of paying punters was put at 192.

This, probably an all time low EVER since Chester City were established in 1885, was releaved in a Bob Gray interview made by BBC Radio Merseyside correspondent Neil Turner.

With an official boycott now on the cards, the question is… how low will Chester City’s home attendances go?

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