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AFTER recovering the lease on the Deva Stadium, Cheshire West and Chester Council last night gave groups interested in using it to run a football club 25 days to come forward.

Council leader Mike Jones is warning all parties planning to preserve football in the city that they must notify the authority of their intentions by Monday, April 19.

Cllr Jones tells the Chester Chronicle: “We will obviously have to examine the business case of anyone interested in running a club at the Deva Stadium before making a decision on a new tenant, and we are running out of time to undertake this process.”

The council, which owns the Deva, set the date in order to satisfy their own demands and those of the FA.

Cllr Jones added: “This authority is willing to talk to anyone with the best interests of Chester and football at heart, and a good business case to support their aspirations.”

City Fans United, the Supporters’ Trust body with more than 1,000 members, has submitted their proposals to the council and has also informed the FA that they want to reform the now-defunct Chester City FC.

An FA spokesperson last night said they have received “several expressions of interest” in reforming the club.

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Chester City FC (2004 Ltd) are back in the High Court on Wednesday March 10 as they face a winding up order from HMRC.

The amount of money owed is £26,125.

Adding to the Vaughan Family woes is the news that the Council may seek to evict the club from Deva Stadium over late payments of rent.

Could these events signal the liquidation of our once proud club?

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Another Thursday, another date with destiny.

As the protracted game of brinkmanship between the Vaughan Family Football Club and the Football authorities continues, the game seems like it is heading for a conclusion.

Much like a game of chess where the opponent still has all his pieces on the board the Vaughan family are being pursued by creditors and the authorities until that final piece in the Vaughan chess set is backed into a corner from where it can not escape.

Today the club will answer five charges of breaking Conference rules,

Rule 2.12
Failing to declare the officers of the club and file the fit & proper person’s declaration for those club officials……….CHECK

Rule 4.8
Failure to attend to competition business…………CHECK

Rule 8.6
Failure to fulfil two fixtures against Forest Green Rovers and Wrexham AFC………….CHECK

Rule 11
Failure to pay Football Creditors as they fall due……….CHECK

Bringing the Competition into disrepute………..CHECK

There is no doubt in my mind that the Vaughan family delegation headed by Stephen junior and assisted by Gray and Metcalf will try to paint a picture that does not mirror the devastation that our once proud club has become. No doubt the financial picture painted will not mention the Vaughan loans, as they only seem to come into play when a credible buyer takes an interest. We know that the Conference yet again have contacted their membership to gauge their reactions to the expulsion of the club. It may be a case of dotting I’s and crossing T’s but that is a pointless exercise as most will vote in the way that favours their individual clubs and not in the best interests of the competition.

When Vaughan junior appears today before the Conference it should come down to a simple question,

Can you guarantee that the club can complete its fixtures this season?

We know, the football world know that they can not guarantee being able to fund the coach to Histon on Saturday or guarantee that any players will be on it as both those creditors still remain unpaid…………….. CHECK MATE

With mercy killing a topical subject at present, we the fans stand over the patient’s bed and hope that those who have the power use it wisely and do not let this farce continue.

If the Conference sanctions expulsion today we should never forgive and never forget the actions of those who have the blood of this club on its hands.

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Cheshire West and Chester Council have published a statement today confirming the closure of the Deva Stadium to spectators for Sunday’s derby clash against Wrexham.  The statement reads:

“Trading Standard officers today (Wednesday) served a Prohibition Notice on Chester City Football Club prohibiting the opening of the Deva Stadium to spectators for Sunday’s derby clash against Wrexham on Sunday.

The decision was taken in the interest in spectators safety after Cheshire West and Chester Council had been informed that there would be no policing provided inside the ground.

“Quite obviously, with all the history attached to past meetings of such great rivals, playing the match without policing inside the ground would present an unacceptable risk”, said Andrew Rees, Team Leader, Investigations and Complaints.

“It is considered in these circumstances that spectator safety cannot be guaranteed and that there is a serious risk of injury or harm to spectators.”

Mr Rees said that police had consulted with the Council and the authority, fully understood and supported the decision taken.

“Our first concern must be to warn the fans who have already bought tickets for this fixture, that there will be no access to the stadium for spectators – should the game take place”, said Mr Rees.

Supporters who have purchased tickets are advised not to travel to the stadium as they will not be allowed to enter. They should make contact with the supplier of the tickets for advice and alternative arrangements or refunds.”

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Chester City fans supporters will not be able to take up their usual spot on the Harry McNally Terrace after Cheshire West and Chester Council closed the ‘home end’ on safety grounds.

Capacity in the Vaughan (East), Liversage (West) and South stands has also been reduced by Cheshire West and Chester Regulatory Services.

The authority – responsible for spectator safety at sports grounds within Cheshire West and Chester’s district – took the decision after an inspection at the Deva Stadium revealed possible faults with crush barriers and a number of other issues affecting spectators’ safety.

The measures will apply for Chester’s home game against Barrow on Monday unless “prior remedial action” is taken by the club.  This looks highly unlikely to be resolved given Chester City’s financial crisis.

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