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The Football Conference were forced to postpone yesterday’s scheduled meeting at Hinckley United after several ‘senior, decision-making officers’ from Chester City FC, asked by the Conference to attend, failed to turn up!

Dennis Strudwick, the Conference general manager, “The club only sent one representative and he did not fit the criteria we set out.  As a result we were unable to have the meeting with the club and have left the matter on the agenda for a leter date.  It is important we meet with the club as soon as possible to see where they are going.”

Only former chief executive Bob Gray showed up with no representation made from the club owners or the current postholder of Director of Football.  Perhaps the expenses we’re a bit too much to compensate for a treck into the East Midlands!


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City Fans United would like to state their disappointment, shock, and anger at the decision to replace Jim Harvey as Manager of Chester City Football Club.

Supporters had recently received assurances from new Director of Football, Morell Maison, that Mr Harvey would continue in his role as team manager, this was strengthened in the meeting held between representatives from CFU and Morell Maison, and also Gary Metcalf, whom we were unaware was attending the said meeting.

During the meeting CFU advised that the one positive at present was that Jim Harvey was still at the club, and that he was held in high esteem by City fans, so we believe that this move has now antagonised the existing fan base to a point where attendances will fall even sharper than previously thought.

We are also in the belief that existing unpaid Chester City players will now be forced to leave and seek a new club, in order for them to be paid to play football, and replaced by players taken from the International Soccer Academy in Bedfordshire, known as a venue for “second chance” players, something that will not be a benefit to the club, and will do very little to encourage local supporters to attend the Deva Stadium for forthcoming matches.

This will also mean that the Chester community is being represented by players who will be training at a venue over 150 miles away, and constantly travelling to home and away games, to represent a club they will know very little about, that is a move that will in no way engage the local community.

 It is on this basis, that we are now calling on the membership of City Fans United, to vote on the possibility of an official boycott of remaining home games, until a board with the good of this historic, 125 year old football club at heart, are in place.

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In the latest twist to what is becoming the ‘Chester City’ soap opera (you couldn’t write a better storyline for Eastenders or Corrie!),  Sunday’s Non League Paper is quoting Chester City Captain Tim Ryan as saying the players have been told to move on.  The club captain expressed his concern for the ailing blues.

Meanwhile, rumours from a reliable source suggest Chester City manager Jim Harvey may have left the Deva Stadium club following the arrival of a new director of football in Morell Maison.  Should this rumour be true, Harvey can leave knowing he had done a terrific job under extreme circumstances.

So,what now for Chester City?  How low can the Blues go!  We believe the plan now is for Morell Maison to assume control of the club and to make up the numbers by ferrying in inexperienced midlands based hopefuls to make  the gaps in the desperately poor playing squad.

It will be interesting to see what this news will do to the already dire attendances at the Deva Stadium

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It appears Morell Maison has indeed been appointed director of football at Chester City according to press reports coming out of the local press since the weekend.

It is hard to see how Mr Maison’s arrival will make things better for them. His experience of dealing with players that haven’t been paid may come in useful though!!

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