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It could be that April fools day 2010 has arrived a couple of months early, or it could be the blinding view of Chester City FC’s owners!

Today’s high quality investigative reporting from the Chester Leader includes a quote from Morell Maison, who speaking after Saturday’s latest defeat, said he belives things are starting to turn around for Chester City Football Club behind the scenes.

“We are slowly starting to turn things around with the running of the football club,” explained Maison.

“One thing I would say though is that the problems that the club have faced recently didn’t start under the Vaughan family regime they have been here for a number of years going right back to when all the land was sold off.”

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Reports in the local press today suggest Chester City’s players are to be paid their outstanding wages shortly.  The Liverpool Daily Post reports the following quotes from Morell Maison:

“The players were paid a week’s wages last week. There are moves afoot to pay a months wages this week, and another months wages the following week, which would bring them up to date.

“The plans are there. The ball started to roll last week, and hopefully the club can keep it continuing this week.

“Money came in last week, and there is some stuff we are doing this week coming to fruition, and that should lead us nicely into next week. So there are moves afoot.”

It might just be a conincidence, but the Blues have also announced the sale of tickets for Chester City’s Blue Square Premier Derby clash with borderline rivals, Wrexham.  Could it be that the new “investments” coming into the club is actually the pre-match ticket sales expected from a bumper welsh following to this game?

Therefore, with Chester City supporters boycotting the blues, there’s a good chance Wrexham fans are actually financially keeping the Blues going by pumping their hard earned cash into the Deva Stadium club.  Hmm.  Thanks to all Wrexham fans for your continued support of the Blues!

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It’s now two games, two defeats for newly appointed Director of Football Morrell Maison.  Speaking to press reporters after the Mansfield game at Field Mill, he said:
“We didn’t have enough today but those young lads are working hard for their football club under difficult circumstances and are showing tremendous character in training and on the field.”
“It is the business end of this football club that has been poorly managed, which is indefenceable, and we must sort it.
“We have to get back on track and quickly.  The playing staff are living from day to day right now,  but I am confident things will be sorted with the winding-up order this week, though I am not in control of the situation. I am as confident as I can be without being in control.
“Assurances have been given and negotiations and discussions are going on. Situations are drawing to a close.”

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City Fans United would like to state their disappointment, shock, and anger at the decision to replace Jim Harvey as Manager of Chester City Football Club.

Supporters had recently received assurances from new Director of Football, Morell Maison, that Mr Harvey would continue in his role as team manager, this was strengthened in the meeting held between representatives from CFU and Morell Maison, and also Gary Metcalf, whom we were unaware was attending the said meeting.

During the meeting CFU advised that the one positive at present was that Jim Harvey was still at the club, and that he was held in high esteem by City fans, so we believe that this move has now antagonised the existing fan base to a point where attendances will fall even sharper than previously thought.

We are also in the belief that existing unpaid Chester City players will now be forced to leave and seek a new club, in order for them to be paid to play football, and replaced by players taken from the International Soccer Academy in Bedfordshire, known as a venue for “second chance” players, something that will not be a benefit to the club, and will do very little to encourage local supporters to attend the Deva Stadium for forthcoming matches.

This will also mean that the Chester community is being represented by players who will be training at a venue over 150 miles away, and constantly travelling to home and away games, to represent a club they will know very little about, that is a move that will in no way engage the local community.

 It is on this basis, that we are now calling on the membership of City Fans United, to vote on the possibility of an official boycott of remaining home games, until a board with the good of this historic, 125 year old football club at heart, are in place.

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The publicised meeting between City Fans United with Morell Maison, the recently appointed Director of Football at Chester City FC, took place last Friday at 3.15pm in Chester. Mr Maison was accompanied by Gary Metcalfe and met with three members of the City Fans United board. These representatives asked a number of questions put forward by CFU members and received the following responses:

1. Who currently owns Chester City? The club is owned by two members of the Vaughan family; Stephen Vaughan Jr. and Stephen Vaughan.

2. When was Morell Maison appointed as Director of Football of Chester City and who was he appointed by? Morell Maison was appointed by the Vaughan family. He was introduced to the club by Gary Metcalfe who, having met Maison through Paul Wells, felt that Maison would be a good candidate to help the club progress.

3. What is Eric Whalley’s current position? Eric Whalley enjoys a good relationship with Stephen Vaughan and, having run Accrington Stanley on small budget for a number of years, it was felt that he could offer a significant amount of help to the club. However, he is no longer Director of Football.

4. What is Bob Gray’s current position? Bob Gray is the safety certificate holder at the club and remains at Chester City.

5. Is Chester City for sale and if so, what is the valuation? Yes, the football club is for sale. Morell Maison and Gary Metcalfe are attempting to broker an exit strategy for the Vaughan family. CFU were unable to ascertain a valuation.

6. If the club is sold what will be the situation regarding Stephen Vaughan Jr. and James Vaughan? As part of the exit strategy the Vaughan family, including Stephen Jr. and James, will leave Chester City FC.

7. How much debt has the new company generated in six months? Gary Metcalfe said “Creditors have been identified and are currently being managed. Any investors will be made fully aware of the current levels of debt.”

8. Are the books fully open for due diligence? In September 2009 Gary Metcalfe brought Kevin Taylor to the club to carry out a form of due diligence. This task personally cost Metcalfe £2500. The findings were published on the clubs website on the 29th September 2009.

9. Is the club prepared to offer an indemnity to any would be purchaser to cover any undisclosed debts? Standard practise is for such indemnity not to be given.

10. As he was mentioned in some detail in the creditors report, do you know Paul Wells? Yes.

11. What is your relationship with Paul Wells? When Morell Maison was at Kettering Town, Paul Wells, who is a FIFA licensed football agent, brought a number of players to the club on trial. Maison offered some of these players an extended trial. During this time Paul Wells became friends with Maison. When Maison later developed the International Soccer Academy Wells became involved.

12. What role do you see your academy playing in CCFC and if it does have one, how what effect will this have on the youth policy of Chester City? Morell Maison’s academy would be no different to any other pool of young talent available to Chester City FC. The academy will have formal links with the club but only players deemed good enough will play for Chester City FC.

13. As a supporter for the last 47 years who will not now attend games at Chester City due to the current regime what can be done to attract fans such as myself back to supporting Chester at the Deva? When Morell Maison was brought to the club he was not informed of the transfer embargo. Within a matter of days he uncovered a number of issues. His primary objective at the moment is to source the funds to clear outstanding wages to the clubs players. He is currently talking to two consortium’s, therefore any discussion over his future plans to attract fans back to the club would be hypothetical.

Morell Maison and Gary Metcalfe are attempting to broker a deal that would result in a change in the ownership of the club. Mr Maison and Mr Metcalfe confirmed that they had spoken to two potential new owners, one of which is a consortium led by Steve Harvey. The identity of the other is, at this stage, unknown to CFU. City Fans United have requested to meet with these consortia as a matter of urgency to confirm that they are a genuine purchaser who would be able to reinvigorate the fortunes of the club, engage with the supporters and community and be welcomed by the fans. Mr Maison has agreed to attempt to arrange this. We will endeavour to release further information the moment we get it. City Fans United is an independent supporters group representing the supporters of Chester City. More details can be found at http://www.cityfansunited.com

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In the latest twist to what is becoming the ‘Chester City’ soap opera (you couldn’t write a better storyline for Eastenders or Corrie!),  Sunday’s Non League Paper is quoting Chester City Captain Tim Ryan as saying the players have been told to move on.  The club captain expressed his concern for the ailing blues.

Meanwhile, rumours from a reliable source suggest Chester City manager Jim Harvey may have left the Deva Stadium club following the arrival of a new director of football in Morell Maison.  Should this rumour be true, Harvey can leave knowing he had done a terrific job under extreme circumstances.

So,what now for Chester City?  How low can the Blues go!  We believe the plan now is for Morell Maison to assume control of the club and to make up the numbers by ferrying in inexperienced midlands based hopefuls to make  the gaps in the desperately poor playing squad.

It will be interesting to see what this news will do to the already dire attendances at the Deva Stadium

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The latest episode of the Chester City Soap Opera kicked in earlier this afternoon when it was announced by the Blues that controversial former Halesowen Town owner and manager Morell Maison is now in full charge at Chester City Football Club.

A club statement, that was released at ten to four earlier this afternoon, also confirmed that chairman Ian Anderson and managing director Bob Gray have stepped down from their positions.

The full statement reads:

“Following today’s meeting at the Deva Stadium hosted by the board of directors with all non-playing staff in attendance, the following was announced – Ian Anderson has stepped down as chairman, Bob Gray has stepped down as managing director and resigned his position as a company director.

“Morell Maison assumes responsibility for the running of the football club with immediate effect. This will entail taking an option over the Vaughan family ownership.

“Further information will be available shortly regarding new investment into the club and a new board of directors.”

Maison enjoyed a successful spell in charge of Kettering Town, working alongside director of football Ron Atkinson, before resurfacing at Halesowen, where he was banned from football for three months after a post-match altercation with one of his own players.

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