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City Fans United, having previously expressed concern over the ongoing turmoil at Chester City F.C. and stated their bewilderment at the appointment of Morell Maison as Director of Football, have requested that Mr Maison meet with the supporters’ organisation to discuss what his priorities and future plans are for Chester City F.C., including clarification over the current and future ownership of the club.

We can confirm that Mr Maison has agreed to meet City Fans United to answer questions regarding the current position of the club, which appears to be heading for a sorry and desperate demise. Mr Maison has been tasked with finding a way forward for the club, however, we believe that the only way forward is through CFU, under new ownership.

We are inviting Chester fans to send any questions to media@cityfansunited.com and we will endeavour to put them to Mr Maison during the meeting.

Furthermore, City Fans United are shocked and dismayed by recent reports that the players are still owed outstanding monies, despite guarantees from the club that these would be paid, and have now been told to stay away from the club.

We wish to place on record our continuing appreciation of the efforts of both the squad and in particular the manager, Jim Harvey, who has maintained his dignity even in these most trying circumstances. We will therefore be seeking assurances that Jim will remain as manager for the foreseeable future and will retain sole responsibility over playing matters.

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Bob Gray has told the Sunday’s Non-League Paper that he hasn’t resigned from his post as managing Director following last weeks board meeting. Blues Mad shakes it’s head with sorrow.

He said: “Morrell Maison and his colleagues have met all the staff at the football club and put forward their goals and objectives to save the club.

“They’ve got some very good ideas and they are going to look for investment in the community. We need to stop the backbiting and get behind them.

“Unless someone comes in and offers Stephen Vaughan the money he wants and deserves for the club (ha ha ha ha ha), we’ve got to give Morrell a good go – or we won’t have a club.

“I intend to stay put to make sure the transitional period with the new poeple goes smoothly (spot the joke here), but if they don’t want me to stay involved I’ll walk away.

“Chester are not down yet and I feel we have to remain positive until it is mathematically impossible for Chester to survive.”

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This interesting article appeared on a Chester City message board.  A must read message from a Halesowen Town supporter following the recent appointment of Morrell Maison as commander in chief at the Deva Stadium:

As a long time supporter of Halesowen Town i thought i would just let you know what you may be in for with Maison. When our previous backers of many years standing decided they wanted to hand over the club to somebody prepared to invest and keep the club running on an even keel, it proved to be the start of an era that very nearly finished us. We had always been a club that was run properly, within our means, and had been very successful doing it. Debts were unheard of and controversy surrounding the club was nil. Wanting to ensure it was kept this way the outgoing “committee” wanted to ensure the right person or people came in. Step forward Morrel Maison. His manner and clever talk was enough to win everybody over. His ambitions and knowledge appeared to know no bounds. Yet after little time some of us sensed not all was as it seemed. Within weeks we were bringing in players that we quite clearly could not afford on our crowds of 500ish and people started to question where the money was coming from. Certainly not MM, he was a bankruptee. We were assured that there were investors and all manner of people were breifly associated with us in different capacities including Ron Atkinson. Rumours were constantly abound of land deals in the area that MM was involved with. This seemed to be his motive for being here. Still though the more we questioned where the money was coming from the quieter MM became. Eventually he would not talk to us at all. What he would do though was punch one of his own players in the middle of the pitch for all to see, and get himself banned from football for the first time. This confident, full of bull bloke, knew he had been rumbled. Things rapidly got worse, so he bought in a CEO, who lives up your way, who became his mouthpiece. Unfortunately smuggling millions of pounds worth of cigarettes in to the country lands you up in court, so that was him gone. Figures were now coming out of the amount of debt he had run up in the name of the club, half a million has been touted, and we were not paying anybody for anything. Players were not been payed so 60 came and went in one season, he even bought two in from Portugal. Many of the serious financial irregularities that have since been uncovered (and there are that many i wouldn’t know where to start anyway) i am not going mention because i am not sure what investigations may be ongoing. Lets just say a year’s ban was imposed. We were banned from the FA Cup and FA Trophy for not paying away clubs their share, and eventually we were banned from football altogether. A supporters Trust that had been set up bailed us out to continue our fixtures ( even buying the balls!), and still MM had the gaul to remain as if nothing had happened. So we started boycotting games, crowds fell to 100 and we all faced up to the idea that we would soon be setting up a new club as our 137 year history would shortly be ending. We were put in administration and were bought out by 2 of MM’s mates from down Luton way! We were assured he was gone for good by them, but never believed this until he turned up at your place. What you have done to deserve this God alone only knows. Please though DO NOT get sucked in by his charm and intelligence. He very nearly finished a club in no trouble whatsoever, so i dread to think what he could do at yours. GOOD LUCK.

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Chester City’s Fans United group have released the following press release in response to event at the Deva Stadium last week.  The statement reads:

“CFU are both surprised, disappointed and shocked at events currently taking place at The Deva Stadium.

“Whilst the players, we believe, have still to be paid from November and the current manager is working miracles in what can be some of the most difficult circumstances ever experienced by a Chester manager, Stephen Vaughan, currently banned from acting as a director by The Department of Trade, has appeared to appoint Morell Maison as Director of Football.

“CFU feel that this appointment is totally unnecessary and can only undermine the excellent work of both the manager and the players at this very difficult time.

“Mr Maison’s time at Halesowen Town was one of great turbulence for the club; being expelled from the FA Cup and FA Trophy, going into administration and reports of financial irregularities.

“Maison also recieved a twelve month touchline ban after clashing with one of his own players and the former Chief Executive, Guy Simpson, who arrived at the club on the invitation of Maison, was in August 2009 charged with fraudulent evasion of tax duty in the region of £4.5 million.

“Once again we call upon Vaughan and his family to make real efforts to sell the club at a reasonable price to genuine potential purchasers.

“In the meanwhile we ask him to reconsider his approach to Maison who, we feel has nothing to offer to CCFC and use the money which would be paid to him to pay some of the unpaid players.

“We would also like to thank the manager and the current players for their great professionalism under these very trying circumstances.

“The City Fans United committee would like to wish all CFU members, and Chester City fans across the globe, a Happy New Year.”

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